Settle Your Custody Battle in Battle Creek, MI

Settle Your Custody Battle in Battle Creek, MI

Work with a child custody attorney at Wood & Associates PLLC

When it comes to deciding on child custody matters, there’s no easy way out. Fight for the best possible outcome for your children by hiring a child custody attorney. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling child custody hearings and will keep the best interests of your children in mind throughout the legal process. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have about how parenting time affects child support, how much time each parent has a right to in your particular situation and more.

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Understand how child custody is decided in Battle Creek & Lansing, MI

When it comes to determining child custody, the court takes many factors into account before making a decision. Wood & Associates PLLC will make sure you are fully informed before appearing in court so you have the best possible chance at achieving a favorable outcome. During your custody hearing, you’ll get the chance to explain why you want custody and how you think the parenting time arrangements should go. The judge will take into consideration:

  • The capacity of each party to give the child love and affection
  • The capacity of each party to provide the child with food, clothing and medical care
  • The capacity of each party to provide a stable, loving environment

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