Get Legal Counsel After a Loved One Passes

Get Legal Counsel After a Loved One Passes

Consult a probate lawyer in Battle Creek, Lansing, Holt or Portage, MI

When a family member passes away, it might be your responsibility to distribute their assets. If they did not leave behind a comprehensive will or trust, you need a reliable probate lawyer by your side. Wood & Associates PLLC can help you make difficult decisions about your loved one’s estate.

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Trust a reputable probate lawyer

Sometimes, when our loved ones pass away, they leave behind assets that can be difficult to distribute. A seasoned probate lawyer can help. Wood & Associates can help you decide how to allocate:

Life insurance

We’ll ensure that your family member’s debts are paid before distributing financial assets. Talk to an experienced probate lawyer in Lansing, Battle Creek, Portage or Holt, MI today. Call Wood & Associates now to make an appointment.