Hire A Trustworthy Divorce Lawyer in Battle Creek, Lansing, And Grand Rapids, MI

Hire A Trustworthy Divorce Lawyer in Battle Creek, Lansing, And Grand Rapids, MI

Handle Your Alimony Case Civilly

If you're going through a divorce, you've probably had to think about alimony. If you were the breadwinner in your marriage, you may be worried about losing valuable assets in the divorce. If you stayed at home, you might be worried about how your lifestyle will have to change after you sign the papers.

Don't let these fears keep you up at night. The divorce attorneys at Wood & Associates PLLC help clients navigate the legal process efficiently.

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5 things to know about alimony:

Alimony exists for a reason. If one partner put their career on hold to raise children or take care of the home, they will be significantly far behind their peers professionally. Here are a few things to know about alimony before you meet with an attorney at Wood & Associates PLLC:

  1. Alimony fills the gap between the income the lesser-earning spouse used to rely on and the income he or she makes now.
  2. Alimony is determined based on the financial need of the receiving spouse and the ability of the supporting spouse to pay.
  3. Unlike child support, alimony is considered taxable income.
  4. If you remarry, you may no longer be eligible to receive alimony payments.
  5. When complications arise, like a disability or illness during the marriage, it’s especially important that you get a lawyer involved to discuss your financial support options.

Don’t wait – figure out your alimony requirements ASAP by meeting with an experienced divorce attorney at Wood & Associates PLLC.