What debts will I still owe after my Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

In plain terms, Bankruptcy is the process to help individuals in financial crisis get back to sound footing by (getting rid) of debt without paying for it. It’s a safety net for individuals and families to be financially sound and have a chance to secure a sound financial future and eventual retirement.

But, not all debts will be automatically forgiven through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Here is a list of the debts that you will still have to pay:

+ Child Support and Alimony

+ ­Tax Debt

+ Costs, fines, and restitution for breaking the law

+ Student Loans

+ injuries you caused while drunk driving or driving under influence of illegal drugs

+ Marital debts that are not considered support*

+ court fees*

+ loans on your retirement plan*

+ debts not discharged in previous bankruptcy order*

There underlined debts above start as non-dischargeable

*These debts may be dischargeable under a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy but are not dischargeable in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.